Preserve strong Police Accountability provisions in S.2800

Late last week, the Massachusetts State Senate released a strong police reform and racial equity omnibus bill, S.2800. The bill contains strong fixes to “Qualified Immunity” (Section 10). This would eliminate the blanket qualified immunity that police officers now have even when they commit egregious misconduct that violates people’s civil rights This Section is the most important provision to bring accountability for police misconduct.

But police are flooding legislators with calls and emails demanding senators strip qualified immunity reform from the bill. We cannot let them win. The use of force and other standards in the bill are meaningless if there is no way for people and courts to hold police accountable when they break the law.

We need your help to make sure the Senate actually bans the most violent police tactics and doesn’t back down on limiting qualified immunity.

Please contact your State Senator today and leave a message that you support strong police reform legislation including the limits to qualified immunity included in the Legislation (S. 2800). Voting is scheduled to start Monday at 11am.

You can use the link below to automatically create an email to your state legislator: